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Choose Your Curator

We ask a few questions about your project and recommend three curators that are best suited to take on your project. Once you review curator profiles you choose your personal curator and book your Curating Simplicity experience.

De-clutter And Organize

We make sure you are prepared in advance of your Curating Simplicity experience. Your personal curator will work with you in person or virtually to de-clutter and organize your space using the Curating Simplicity Process.

Clear Your Space

Your items will be categorized by stored, donated, consigned, recycled or trashed. We work with you to coordinate the removal of items from your space. Your personal curator will go over a strategy to stay organized and clutter-free.

Give Back With Purpose

We provide you the option to make a difference in peoples lives by donating items to charity and donating consignment proceeds to charity.

Meet us in person.

Curating Simplicity hosts regular social events and workshops at our Union Square loft.  Sign up to meet our curators and mingle with clients that have already experienced the magic of Curating Simplicity!