Curating Simplicity takes you on a transformative journey—from disorganized, stressed-out and overwhelmed to organized, de-stressed and focused. We will guide your journey starting with three simple steps.

Choose a Curator

It’s simple! Select from three curating packages and we do the rest. You also get to choose your own personal Curator. Don’t worry, real humans are here to answer any questions.

Declutter and Organize

On the day of your appointment, your personal Curator visits your space. You’ll go from cluttered to clear in no time. Your mind will thank you! We also help you decide what to do with your unwanted stuff. Our Give Back with Purpose program is a direct to charity model, ensuring your donation has the biggest impact.

Betterment Benefits

With a clear space and a free mind, you are ready to take back your time. Our ultimate mission is to help you become an even better version of yourself. We invite our Curating Simplicity community to enjoy Betterment Benefits—workshops, events and retreats focused on health, wellness and mindfulness.



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