Clear your space. Free your mind. Take back your time.

Let's get started.

Start your new clutter-free life.

Let one of our Curators simplify your space and boost your productivity.

Start your new clutter-free life.

Let one of our Curators simplify your space and boost your productivity.


After you provide a few details through our app or website, we’ll match you with your own personal Curator. Whether it’s clearing your closet or organizing your living space, your Curator work with you to understand what you need…and what you don’t.


Now it’s time to take action. Your Curator will first de-clutter your space, helping you determine the items that can be purged based on what we discover in the Consult phase. Then we reorganize what’s left. Sometimes that involves recommendations on solutions that keep you organized based on your individual lifestyle.


So what do we do with all your old stuff? Don’t worry, we take the guilt out of purging. Your items will be tagged according to 5 categories: stored, donated, consigned, recycled or trashed. For recycled or trashed items, we take it away for you. For donated or consigned items, our repurpose service will pick up all items at your home and deliver them to the charities of your choice. Finally, your personal curator will review a strategy to stay clutter free.


When consigned items are sold, a percentage of the proceeds goes back into your account to apply toward future services. Or you can donate the money to a charity of your choice.

We’ve made curating your home and simplifying your life surprisingly simple.

01 Tell us about yourself

Goals you have for your home, a description of the project, and your dream aesthetic—it’ll help us connect you with the right curator.

02 Meet your curator

Your curator will contact you via your choice of phone, email, or messenger to learn even more about what you’re looking for.

03 Choose your curation plan

Make an appointment with your curator to see your home, and select the time and duration of your project.

Meet us in person.


Meeting your curator in person at our Union Square Club is another way for them to understand your project, sense of style, and what you need your space to become. If you’re just getting started organizing your life, come take part in one of our workshops on self-curating. Make yourself comfortable in our loft and decide in person which curator is right for your project.